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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My new novel, Giuseppe’s Award, is available for download and in book form.

Join Giuseppe for a few laughs as he journeys from a funeral mass for some old person he doesn’t know to Club VAVAVOOM at the Florida State Fair!

He’s Robinson Crusoe. He’s an imaginary cowboy. He’s a cigar-smoking paperboy of the month. He’s friends with Clarence, Graveyard, and Chipper. He and his brother, Frankie, have a go-cart with no brakes. He has a dog named Ginger and a duck named Elroy. He’s out of uniform at a funeral mass. He’s friends with Agar the Giant, Baby Flo the Fat Lady, and Cash McCain star of the Florida State Fair. He’s Giuseppe Fieri, a fourth grader at Our Lady of Perpetual Hell and sits in the fourth row, fourth seat according to his GPA. Nobody past the first row ever wins the community improvement essay contest, but he does. Winning the contest upsets the principal, Attila the Nun. She’s been looking for a reason to kick the Fieri family out of school because they don’t pay full tuition. The essay judge plans to visit the next week to inspect Giuseppe’s community improvements. The problem is he made it all up. He’s dead meat.
Thanks for checking it out! It’s cheaper than a Happy Meal, and it’s a freebie if you’re an Amazon Prime member.




At the camel races in Saudi Arabia

Slieve League, Donegal, Ireland

My daughter, Lieutenant JG Paula Fillion